Za ljubitelje Akvaristike!!!

Za ljubitelje Akvaristike!!!

  • Pridružio: 10 Nov 2005
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  • Gde živiš: `grad u kome je glupo voziti skejt`

nekoliko malih korisnih programa za ljubitelje akvaristike...

Brack Calc 4.1
Brack Calc is a tool for using specific gravity and temperature to calculate salinity. Designed primarily for aquarists keeping brackish water fish. Toggles results in Metric and US units.
Fish base Client 1.2.1
FishBase Client is a tool for quickly accessing information on the FishBase web site by species, genera, common name, and family. FishBase is an online scientific database describing virtually every species of fish known. It is an essential resource for advanced aquarists. It is, however, rather slow, but by using FishBase Client the user can very quickly get to the information required.
Can I Keep It?
A simple application for introducing newbie aquarists to the art of choosing fish for the community aquarium. When you click on the names of the fish you are interested in, incompatible species are dimmed. A brief explanation of any problems specific to the fish are noted in the text box at the bottom of the application window.
Fish Tank Tool 1.4.1
Fish Tank Tool performs a variety of tasks such as calculating the volume and surface area of an aquarium, estimating the number of fish that can be kept in it safely, and quickly converting between different units of temperature, length, and salinity. It is designed for aquarists keeping freshwater and brackish water aquaria.
SoftWaterWare 1.0.1
SoftWaterWare is an electronic version of the Pearson’s Square, and allows the aquarist to quickly work out the ratios of (hard) tap water to (soft) rainwater required to make up water of a desired hardness for the aquarium.

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