Zasto je nebo plavo

Zasto je nebo plavo

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A delic toga...

The sky is blue because of the atmosphere - without a thick atmosphere, the sky would look just like the sky of the moon - black. We see color in our sky because, which ever direction in the sky we look, light enters our eyes and excites our retinas. This light is sunlight, but as we know light travels in a straight line, it cannot come directly from the sun. When the light from the sun hits the oxygen and nitrogen (not to mention the water vapor and smog) in our atmosphere it is scattered into our eyes.

But why is it blue? In the 1860’s Lord Rayliegh determined that small particles scatter short wavelength light more than long wavelength light. In fact, the amount of light scattered by any small (by small we mean smaller than the wavelengths we’re interested in) particle is inversly proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength.

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