Bruce Dickinson - Silver Wings

Bruce Dickinson - Silver Wings

  • Pridružio: 18 Apr 2003
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Silver Wings

[B. Dickinson/ Roy Z.]

Sound of merlins fired up and their spoiling for the fight
1000 bombers ready, it's the target for tonight
Deeper into Germany, but we all know the score
I know that I'm not coming back like those that did before

Now the flare gun fires and we get the go
Say goodbye to the earth below

Tonight, on silver wings
I am soaring through the mountains of the moon
on silver wings
Flying where no angels fly

I have brought these engines to the very jaws of hell
Melat hearts are beating through this hail of shot and shell
Terror from the skies where the angels fear to tread
Nothing in my eyes, I am the living dead

Now the searchlight blinding us with its light
Can't shake this one off tonight

[Repeat Chorus]


The sky is bleeding gasoline and fuel is running low
Tanks are blown to pieces soon the wing is going to go
All the crew have bailed out over Essen long ago
But every night since 45 this bomber boy has staeyd alive

I can't believe she's still in the sky
Me and my merlins fly

[Repeat Chorus]

on silver wings
I am soaring through the mountains of the moon
on silver wings
I can touch the face of God

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