Konica Minolta lansira dva nova 5MP aparata

Konica Minolta lansira dva nova 5MP aparata

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Chicago (IL) - Konica Minolta today announced two new digital cameras. The new Z20 updates the existing Z10 model. The new Z5 replaces the current Z3 camera.

Both cameras keep the same casing design, but offer some feature enhancements. The Dimage Z20 carries over the 8x optical zoom and a 1.5-inch LCD from its predecessor, but is now promoted as consumer camera for "for taking high quality close-up portraits as well as distant scenic landscapes."

The camera boots in about half a second; a "burst mode" and a "Rapid AF" function assist the user to shoot one frame every second. Image resolution increased from four to five megapixels compared to the previous model. If there is no storage card available for those unexpected picture opportunities, the device offers 14.5 MByte integrated storage space. According to the manufacturer, the Z20 also works power efficient, taking about 450 pictures with every set of four AA alkaline batteries.

The Dimage Z5 upgrades the Z3 model and adds one megapixel of resolution for a total of now five megapixels. The display size increased from 1.5 inch to 2.0 inch. The model kept however the 12x optical zoom as well as an image stabilization system. As the Z3, the new model also comes with Rapid AF that allows focusing within 0.2 seconds at wide angle and 0.3 seconds for telephoto, according to the manufacturer. A burst mode enables the user of shooting two pictures per second.

Prices of both cameras have not been announced yet, but are expected to remain in the range of $330 for the Z20 and $500 for the Z5.


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