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citati i pobednicka slika sa

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Evo par koje sam sakupio tokom par meseci redovnog čitanja:

Citat:<RxBandit> just remember, it's up to us kids to make sure Bill Gates doesn't get his hands on Linux
<Ark> ops kick you from th eroom, opers kick you from the network. I kick you in the nuts.
<Ark> choose wisely

<Antiarrrrrrc> Arr, there be a steering wheel in me crotch!
<screevo> Doesnt that hurt?
<Antiarrrrrrc> Aye! It's drivin' me nuts!

<spaceDAISY> these american measurement standards are on crank.
<spaceDAISY> what the hell is a jigger?
<r> jewish nigger

<valetine_4_ever> Piracy is wrong
<valetine_4_ever> Cool, but wrong
<Kalen> But it feels oh so right.
<Loony_BoB> It's not wrong
<Loony_BoB> They just have laws against it

Rountree> Wake. Birth. Grow. Pain. Move. Move. Move. Move. Move. Kid. Grow. Teen. Grow. Up. Fall. Up. Crush. Meet. Kiss. Date. Buy. Love. Sex. Ring. Join. Smile. Kids. School. Dance. Hug. Hold. Rift. Leave. Hate. Gone. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Life. Ha. Bang. Dead.
<+MegamanX2K> Shut.
<+MegamanX2K> The.
<+MegamanX2K> Fuck.
<+MegamanX2K> Up.

*** Topic is 'I hate Linux because it makes me type "man mount"'

<prepared>Theorem: All numbers are equal.
<prepared>Proof: Choose arbitrary a and b, and let t = a + b. Then
<prepared>a + b = t
<prepared>(a + b)(a - b) = t(a - b)
<prepared>a^2 - b^2 = ta - tb
<prepared>a^2 - ta = b^2 - tb
<prepared>a^2 - ta + (t^2)/4 = b^2 - tb + (t^2)/4
<prepared>(a - t/2)^2 = (b - t/2)^2
<prepared>a - t/2 = b - t/2
<prepared>a = b
<prepared>So all numbers are the same, and math is pointless.

<Onux> [Onux PING reply]: 2mins 48secs
<Onux> =(
<rich> man
<rich> i could probably drive out to you
<rich> say something
<rich> and drive back to peoria
<rich> and it'd be faster than if i typed it here

<Dudicon> Hmm.
<Dudicon> What I just did started out ridiculously lazy, but then... I don't know what happened.
<Dudicon> I was too lazy to get up and get a piece of paper, so I decided to print a blank page from the printer.
<Dudicon> But... I couldn't open any new files in Word Perfect, because I had the max number open already
<Dudicon> So I went through all the files to see which I could close
<Dudicon> Then closed that one and made a new file
<Dudicon> But it wouldn't let me print it blank
<Dudicon> So I put an "F" on the document and made the font white.
<Dudicon> Then printed it
<Dudicon> Just to move this piece of paper 18 inches closer to me.
<BaronSamedi> ...
<BaronSamedi> Dud, kill yourself. Your life is now complete.

<Psychopomp> Hows the packing going?
<Entropy> I solved a dilemma! =D
<Psychopomp> What dilemma would this be?
<Entropy> I'm leaving out clothes for tomorrow, and washing all the dirty clothes tonight, but what to do with the underwear etc I wear to bed? I don't want to cart it around dirty all day tomorrow
<Psychopomp> Sleep nekkid?
<Entropy> Obvious solution = sleep n3kkid
<Entropy> Wow, same wavelength
<Psychopomp> Well, the way i look at it, how could it be a dilemma if being naked is even a POSSIBLE solution?
<Psychopomp> You can fix anything by stripping
<Entropy> Interesting theory
<Entropy> Let's test your thesis. From now on, whenever I face a problem, first thing I'll do is take off all my clothes and see if that works

<@Currawong> I have a 486 in the corner that's been compiling XFree since 1999.
<@Currawong> Every so often I think about cancelling the job, but then I'd have to go shop for a space heater.

<Al> my search continues for a language-form that will allow me to accurately express and depth and intensity of my hatred for christians
<egg> arabic
<Al> arabic is just welsh with more phlegm
<egg> it's welsh written with a spirograph

<keith> 10 dollars on shipping and handling for a domain name
<keith> wtf
<keith> there is no shiping on a domain
<keith> fucking idiots
<keith> Shipping
<keith> to CAN
<keith> you cant ship a web address
<Renegade> they ship you a receipt
<Renegade> and a note
<Renegade> saying that you're a dumbass for paying shipping
<Renegade> on a domain name

<Paco> I got my friend kicked off X-Box Live because I made a 69 Camaro SS with a Swastika on the hood (How was I to know SS stood for Supersport and not Schutzstaffel?) and I'd just join races with predominately French guys and go the wrong way on the track and wreck them
<Paco> Well, I tried to play nice
<Paco> I didn't make the Nazi Death Car until some French dude called me a faggot
<Paco> I had to unplug the headseat while I was driving the wrong way down the track, 7 angry French guys all screaming at the same time is too much

<Inferno> I just came up with the concept of Google-orthogonality.
<r3d3> oh?
<Inferno> Two non-Google-zero searches are Google-orthogonal if their combined search is a Google-zero search.
<r3d3> lol

Vraxx: I wonder what it'll take to run vista
Chuck: 5 jiggawatts of ram!!!
Vraxx: well that's just crazy talk chuck
Vraxx: it's only 4 jiggabytes
Vraxx: with like a 400 wtfabyte drive

<Zook> Shit brb... jehovah witnesses are here -_-
<c0de1t> mmmk
<Zook> LMFAO i am so going to hell XD
<c0de1t> what happened?
<Zook> well recently i bought a copy of "the satanic bible" (for educational purposes of course)
<Zook> and i noticed right when i walked up to the door that the book was on the coffee table
<c0de1t> omfg... i can see where this is going...
<Zook> so they were like "Do you want to know about Jehova and how we can save you?"
<Zook> and i just looked at them and turned and picked up the book and said "Sorry i already have a religion, but would you mind sparing me a couple of virgins and a chicken?"
<Zook> the best part was they just stood there... i was waiting for "Your going to burn in hell you fucking satan worshiper!" and instead i got "Ok, have a nice day sir, God bless"

<Volcom>How do I secure Windows XP?
<Vraxx>Trying to secure Windows is like trying to re-establish virginity in a hooker.

[rawristik] negative
[%[g00n]ReyErico] Listen, this isn't the Army, so use "yes" and "no" like normal people
[rawristik] negative Very Happy
[rawristik] im in the army
[%[g00n]ReyErico] What rank
[rawristik] terrorist

<Frosty> Theres one thing I hate about bit torrent
<Frosty> it makes my net connection seem like its a 28.8k modem dial up one
<phx\afk> heh
<phx\afk> not as bad as freenet tho
<phx\afk> that makes you think a bunch of drunken gnomes are passing your data around byte by byte
<Frosty> drunken gnome routers ey?
<phx\afk> "Och will ye check oot the header on this?" *much laughter, much drinking of beer, packet tossed two feet in your direction*

Velociraptor: Do you have ne updog?
SAMrhodes87: What the fuck is UPDOG?
Velociraptor: nuthin much wha bout u?

Jeffrey: Heh, what an ass. My friend Vann just beat me at Chess, and he checkmated me by putting my king in check with a pawn...Then saying PAWNED!!1!

<+RazbijacB[a]be> jag sa inget om  f stock
<+RazbijacB[a]be> n‰rmsta stock jag kommer h‰r ‰r dildo haha
<+PurpleHelmetWarrior> i understood dildo, and thats all that i need to know

< Wombles> i rang up a taxi friday... drunk.. and in in a pirate accent.. i said "Yarr ahoy me maitie! i need me a row boat to take me back to me ship which is docked at <insert address>"
< Wombles> i can believe one came.

<Andrew> woot
<Andrew> I just used my mastercard for the first time
<Andrew> I'm a man now.
<debian_> what u buy
<Andrew> purse

Frencheneesz: what if there was a super hero who had the power to transfer his own boredom to his enemies?
SombrousKnight: how'd he get these powers? gamma radiation while waiting in line at the DMV?

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@Zoni, hvala ti na sajtu, ulepsao si mi vece Smile))))))

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Moram da citiram jos par! Ulepsali mi dan! Smile

Citat:<cSk|Sperry> There were 2 people on a boat: /hop and /quit. /hop got off, who's still on the boat?
* nipple_frog has quit IRC

Citat:<+Radial> i think my mother knows i watch za-odrasle-
<+Radial> i can't tell...
<Tsukari> Are you a male?
<+Radial> i am
<Tsukari> She knows.

Citat:<jihad> i need crack
<jihad> not this fuckin software, the drug

Citat:<TomTheBomb> what the most racist thing in the world?
<|Snaker|> erm
<|Snaker|> most racist thing in the world?
<TomTheBomb> a sprinkler
<|Snaker|> ..
<HongKongKilla|TMNT> lol?
<TomTheBomb> they go chinkchinkchinkchinkchinkchink SPIC nigganigganigganigganigga

Citat:<shaun|bbl> I've been smokin my cats shit recently, once you get over the bad taste, it actually fucks you up good....Razz

Citat:<ScottO> How was your interview, meta?
<nietmeta> it's on monday
<nietmeta> i gotta wait!
<ScottO> How will it be, then?
<nietmeta> it will be awsome
<ScottO> Congrats, then.

Citat:wookietwist: update date now updated
DuoGWMaxwell60: wtf did you just say ...

Citat:<Yaksha> I asked my brother what he wanted for Christmas.
<Yaksha> He said he wanted cold hard cash.
<Yaksha> So that's exactly what I gave him.
<Yaksha> I got 20 $1 bills, soaked them in water and put them in the freezer.
<Yaksha> When he got it, it was just a block of green ice that took a day to thaw.

Citat:<WintrHawk> you know... 100hz is the resonance freq of a chicken head
<WintrHawk> a power company found that out the hard way

Citat:<olah> what does 'dunno' mean?
<goof> i don't know
<olah> anyone else?
<goof> i said i don't know
<olah> yeah, i saw...but does anyone else know what it means?
<goof> I DON'T KNOW !!
<olah> yeah, i know
<goof> then why do you ask?!
<olah> because i want to know!
<goof> you said you DID know!
<olah> no, i know that you don't know
<goof> i KNOW WHAT IT MEANS, ffs!
<olah> what, then?
<goof> i don't know
<olah> omg...DO you or DON'T you know?!
<goof> i means: I DON'T KNOW !!
<goof> aargh...stupid...

Citat:<[-will-]> damnit
<[-will-]> I cant find my video card
<Excors> Overclock it, then look for the source of the smoke

Citat:(@DaySleeper) straight people only need gays for the fashion industry
(@DaySleeper) gay people need straights so they don't die out


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Kakvi' careva ima, ne verujem Very Happy

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Citat:#171987 +(8460)- [X]

<Th3No0b> Im going to be the next hitler
<Th3No0b> Im going to kill all the jews and 1 clown
<RageAgainsttheAmish> why the clown
<Th3No0b> See? no one cares about the jews
<RageAgainsttheAmish> lmao

Citat:#602698 +(7288-)- [X]

<death09>my girlfriend broke up with me and sent me pix of her and her new boyfriend in bed
<death09>yeah.i sent them to her dad

Citat:#50891 +(7249)- [X]

<Eticam> I was in biology class once, and the teacher said there was sugar in sperm
<Eticam> And a girl asked why doesn't it taste sweet then
<Eticam> When she realised what she said her face became red like a spanked monkey ass
<Eticam> Then the teacher said, because you taste sweetness with the front of your tongue, not the part of your tongue back in your throat
<Eticam> The girl started crying and left class ^^

Citat:#334331 +(6958-)- [X]

<LordChewy> so my dad found my za-odrasle- folder
<LordChewy> and he was getting all pissed
<LordChewy> so its all like "does this surprise you? i'm not stupid you know"
<LordChewy> "i know dad"
<LordChewy> "what do you have to say for yourself?"
<LordChewy> at this point i stare at him straight in the eyes and say "C:Documents and SettingsRickyMy Documentsfaxessent faxes"
<LordChewy> and he just shut up
<kingKahn> what is it?
<LordChewy> its his za-odrasle- folder

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Citat:#700101 +(222)- [X]

<LionClaw> i tried to OD on pain relievers once
<nanNette> :/
<LionClaw> i didnt have a headache for about 2 months

#700091 +(2202)- [X]

<Swiich> dude, that girl i went on a date with last night was really dumb
<Cindy> fuck you too
<Swiich> shit, wrong window

#699804 +(294)- [X]

<spree> downloading movies takes so freaking long
<videogameaholic> set it and forget it
<spree> i set it hours ago
<spree> i want to watch it before i sleep
<spree> i imagine it'd be even worse with chicken
<spree> if i stuck a chicken in the oven, there's no way i'd forget it
<spree> i'd be staring hungrily at it for hours
<videogameaholic> you kidding? when I put a burrito in the microwave and push 90 seconds, I grab a bag of chips.

#699308 +(2507)- [X]

<Ich> I've discovered that people on IRC don't get offended or riled up by racism
<Ich> nor politically incorrect jokes
<Ich> nor feminism, nazism,
<Ich> nor goatse, or even tubgirl
<Ich> not even jokes about 9/11 get a rise out of anybody
<Ich> but as soon as I tell somebody that macs are better than PC's, things get ugly

#702568 +(573)- [X]

<Mithandir> it's interesting how much you can tell about the designers of a product by looking at the end result
<Mithandir> for instance I can clearly tell that whomever thought it was a good idea to have "exit program" and "suspend computer" buttons on a keyboard didn't have cats

#701336 +(273)- [X]

FLEAM0: I had to watch Memoirs of a Geisha with my friend's Japanese exchange student...I kept wondering what I would think if I went to Japan and they showed me a movie called Memories Of A Hooker

#701197 +(302)- [X]

<Panda-> i love irc so much more than my family
<Panda-> mainly because my grandmother doesnt recognize me

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Imam ja nekoliko citata sa MC chata na ovom sajtu:

Hm... Citiracu par stvari koje se tamo ne nalaze:

 bocke   Nema mase?
m4rk0   nema
m4rk0   :|
bocke   Ce da dodju... Mozda...
bocke   Ja lepo rekoh juce da je ono samo za premijeru...
bocke   Sve vazne face itd...
bocke   V.I.P.
m4rk0   lolz
m4rk0   drustveni krem
bocke   A danas V.I.P loza prazna... :|
bocke   Eh... sudbino...
bocke   :]

<bocke>   Ja imam modifikovanu verziju xlacka...
<bocke>   :)
<Wolf13> al za linux ;)
<bocke> sve je to isto. :)))
<bocke>   Desktop ovde, desktop onde...
<bocke>   A i ikonice...

<bocke>   Sta je ovako malo ljudi?
<bocke>   Sto oteraste marka?
<GumeniMeda>   posvadjali se nas dvjica
<GumeniMeda>   :(
<bocke>   sto bre... :)
<GumeniMeda>   on kaze da zna on winu sve, a ja tvrdio da nema pojma
<bocke>   hahaha
<bocke>   I?
<GumeniMeda>   :)
<GumeniMeda>   pa nista, nadurio se, pokupio prnje, skriptu koja pozdravlja one koji pozdravljaju i otisao bez pozdrava
<GumeniMeda>   :(
<laserjat>   bar da je skriptu ostavio

<GumeniMeda>   a sta ces
<GumeniMeda>   ja sam hteo da mu otkupim skriptu, ali ni da cuje
<GumeniMeda>   i eto...
<bocke>   hahaha
<GumeniMeda>   :)
<bocke>   I?
<bocke>   Koliko si nudi?
<bocke>   nudio*
<GumeniMeda>   1000euro :(
<bocke>   Neku komsinicu?
<bocke>   Jesi probao sa time. :D
<GumeniMeda>   mozda sam malo davao
<GumeniMeda>   nisam stigao ;0
<GumeniMeda>   :)
<bocke>   ebga...
<GumeniMeda>   vec je sibnuo pre nego sto sam stigao da pomenem komsinicu
<bocke>   Svako ima svoju cenu. :)
<GumeniMeda>   to mi je bio plan B :D
<bocke>   Samo treba znati... :|
<bocke>   Pa i mare...
<GumeniMeda>   da, svaka skripta ima svog kupca :D
<GumeniMeda>   mozda i mene neko kupi :>
<GumeniMeda>   i pojebe
<GumeniMeda>   pojede*
<GumeniMeda>   :>

bocke   Treba pogledati sta se sve pokrece pri startovanju. ;)
ZoraneZ   nije proc vrijeme i ima RAM-a sasvim dosta i viska
neprilagodjena   a da nije samo pad napona?
Goran   Majko mila, ovo se zove online debuging :D
ZoraneZ   provjerila sam to i poubijali, nista se nije promjenilo
GumeniMeda   lol @ goran
bocke   live debugging. :D
GumeniMeda   shoot in the dark :)
bocke   xexe
Goran   hvala kolega na ispravci live je :D
bocke   :D
bocke      Znaci i mc uvodi live. :D
bocke :D
GumeniMeda   :D
GumeniMeda   savremeno,
bocke   To je sad popularno... Vidim ja. :|
GumeniMeda   kada moze MS, sto ne bi mogao i MC :D
bocke   :)
bocke   hahaha
Goran   Samo nam Fali dispecerski centar pa da uvodimo dezurstvo LOL
neprilagodjena   hahaha
bocke   :D

ZoraneZ   a ko nam je medaaaaa
laserjat   pa meda
cvelle   zivi u sumi
cvelle   :)
bocke   meda?
bocke   Pa meda :)
laserjat   u kesici
bocke   van kesice bre
bocke   Izadje...
Goran   divlja zivotinja :D
bocke   :D
laserjat   sad je malo izasao
bocke   hahaha
cvelle   u stvari moze da bude i koala ne mora da bude crni medved - griuzli valjda
bocke   koala? :D
GumeniMeda   rofl

bocke   da kazem medeni?
GumeniMeda   reci bocke
GumeniMeda   :)
bocke   meda je onaj koji non stop pita: jel' dolazio snoop. :D
GumeniMeda   my identity is hidden :D
GumeniMeda   lol
bocke   ;)
bocke   :D
GumeniMeda   to je bilo krajnje indirektno bocke :)

cvelle   vece ne mirise na rakove i medeee
cvelle   :)

Goran   A ko nam je stampac?
GumeniMeda   @goran ne znas sta je stampac? cccc
laserjat   ja sam stampac
laserjat   valjda
bocke   Stampac je najveci bludnik grada cikaga...
GumeniMeda   i to laserski
GumeniMeda   da budemo precizni
laserjat   hp
bocke   mnogo precizan... :D
GumeniMeda   haha, budilnik :D:P
Goran   Ma znam sta je, al ne znam jel laserski ili pljuckavac :D
GumeniMeda   :D
bocke   hahaha
Kerber   matricni
GumeniMeda   pljucka kroz laser :D

Goran   Ja sam u tvojim godinama ljudima u mojim godinama govorio sa Vi LOL
bocke   Ja se u mojim godinama osecam uzasno mator... :|
bocke   Svi me zovu chiko. :|

bocke   Sta je starije torta ili kolac?

Sep 12 23:58:34 *   bocke has changed the topic to: Jana:: ja cu lepo da napravim drugu tortu i vi cete moci samo da je gledate!

Jana   ja cu tebe da ubijem bocke
Jana   majke mi! :D
Jana   looooooooooooooooooooool
bocke   Nemoj... :|
neprilagodjena   hehehe
bocke   Ce mi familija place... smrc.. :|

bocke   Posle cu ja budem kriv... :|
neprilagodjena   vec jesi
bocke   necu da te nosim na dusi. :|
neprilagodjena   zagovarate me ovde satima
bocke   Necu moci da zivim s time...
bocke   Umrecu sam, nesrecan i s tugom u dusi...
bocke   :))))

Recoba20   hemija je ql
bocke   jest' hemija je ql. :D
bocke   Ja imao 5 u srednjoj. :P
Jana   to zato sto si ti streber
bocke   Ja streber? :D
bocke   idi bwe. :P
bocke   Streberu. :D
bocke   Idi pravi tortu...
bocke   I ne obracaj mi se vise. :P

Jana   nema pojma ali eto! ;)
Jana   mrzi me
bocke   Ti si jano neka mnogo mrzovoljna. :/
bocke   Boze s kim ja chatujem... :|
bocke   *roll*
Jana   nisam
Jana   samo kad se vratim sa treninga ne znam sta pricam! :D
bocke   jesi.... :|
Jana   nisam
bocke   Razocara me.. skroz.. :|
bocke   :(
*   bocke ide u ugao da plache...

bocke   Jano vratiii seee. :D
bocke   Torte tvoje ne mogu bez teeebee...
bocke   :D
bocke   A ni bez shlaga...
bocke   kad smo vec kod torti. :P

nikoola   bocke, sram te bilo. zezas nasu sugradjanku Janu? stidi se 30 sekundi
 *   bocke se stidi 30 sekundi
Jana   hahaha!
Jana   :D
Jana   ludaci! :D

Jana   ovaj streber otvorio knjigu nije! :D
bocke   I jos se hvalis time? Joj janooo....
bocke   :D
bocke   :P

bocke   nema pece
Jana   tu je peca
Jana   samo nece da se javi! :D
bocke   Dole Peca!
bocke   :D
Jana   eeeee!
Peca   sta je be
Jana   sta je be! hehehe! :D
Jana   loolcina!
Jana   :D
bocke   nista... Samo da ti cujem glas. :D
bocke   :)))
Jana   bocke
bocke   perice... :D
Peca   eto, cuo si ga, duso :P
bocke   :P

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