Crne rupe ne postoje?

Crne rupe ne postoje?

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Black holes 'do not exist'
Philip Ball

These mysterious objects are dark-energy stars, physicist claims.

Black holes, such as the one pictured in this artist's impression, may in fact be pockets of 'dark energy'.
Black holes are staples of science fiction and many think astronomers have observed them indirectly. But according to a physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, these awesome breaches in space-time do not and indeed cannot exist.

Over the past few years, observations of the motions of galaxies have shown that some 70% the Universe seems to be composed of a strange 'dark energy' that is driving the Universe's accelerating expansion.

George Chapline thinks that the collapse of the massive stars, which was long believed to generate black holes, actually leads to the formation of stars that contain dark energy. "It's a near certainty that black holes don't exist," he claims.


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Prilicno hipotetican tekst. Video sam jedan mail gde je pomenuto da je totalno nerealno ovo sto se prica.

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