Zoom 505II Guitar // gitarski procesor u odlichnom stanju

Zoom 505II Guitar // gitarski procesor u odlichnom stanju

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Zoom 505II Guitar
gitarski procesor

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* 33 versatile effects
In an exceptionally compact body, you get a full array of 33 different effects, arranged in seven modules. The quality of effects is exceptional, and up to nine effects can be used at the same time. The 505 II far surpasses anything previously available. The distortion module in particular has been designed to please any guitarist, offering world-famous guitar amp sounds created using the latest modeling techniques.

* Use 36 preprogrammed patches right away
Effect combinations and parameter settings can be stored by the user in up to 36 patches. What's more, a variety of patches that faithfully reproduce the sound of famous guitarists are also included. Without having to buy expensive amplifiers, you can now play with an unlimited variety of sounds. For line out use and recording at home or studio, the amp simulator allows you to recreate the tonal characteristics of a real guitar amp.

* ZNR (Zoom Noise Reduction)
An adequate amount of distortion is indispensable for getting a great guitar sound, but using it effectively depends on one's ability to control noise. The ZNR (Zoom Noise Reduction) system solves the problems of noise that affect every guitarist with a silky smooth and natural release that gives you greater freedom in creating the sound you're looking for.

* Highly appealing sophisticated design
The 505 II's molded chassis with its sleek, flowing lines offers a stylish ultra-modern appearance that will endure for many years to come. Extremely durable space-age plastic and a flat control surface take the worry out of carrying the unit in the same case with other gear. The pedal switches are tough enough to be operated with the sole of a hard boot, providing ruggedness on a par with metal units.

* A palm-sized partner
Thanks to its palm-top size dimensions and low weight of only 280 grams (without batteries), the 505 II fits in any guitar case and can even be carried in your jacket pocket.

* Analog feel and simple operation
Zoom's long experience with compact effect devices has helped shape the 505 II: a large rotary selector, easy to read red LED display, foot switches with ample travel. In a word, an interface that is truly user friendly. You build your sound simply by selecting elements shown on the panel and using the + and - keys to change values. And you can easily store any of your creations in up to 36 patch locations.

* 28 hours of continuous operation with four size AA alkaline batteries
On stage or in the rehearsal studio, you don't always have spare batteries at hand. This isn't a problem with the 505 II. Its low power consumption design extends battery life to the maximum. Of course, you can also use an optional AC adapter for extended practice sessions or pre-production work.

* Ready for pedal effect operation
A control input on the rear panel lets you connect a separately available expression pedal or foot switch, opening up a range of new sonic possibilities. The expression pedal can be used to adjust volume, pedal wah, distortion gain, pitch shift or a number of other effect parameters.

* Built-in auto-chromatic tuner
The integrated tuning function lets you quickly and precisely adjust the pitch of your instrument, even in a loud rehearsal environment or live gig. The re-designed tuner interface looks cool and is extremely useful. Besides the note readout, the difference in pitch is shown by the speed of a rotating indicator. This makes tuning as easy as using a harmonics beat.

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