Serbian Bible


Serbian Bible

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Dear Mikhaylo Sheludko,

I hope just that my serbian brothers and sisters didn't afraid you with some of them strange questions in the begining.

It's a often thing to see that people which know even little about serbs culture, tradition , language ... are interested to learn more and more about all of this.

I have myself a bible wrotten by Vuk Karadzic and I would like to help you to find a real bible in serbian (in paper), but I am in France now and hope to return in Serbia for the summer (maybe), and only there I can find one.

I read that someone send you the software of the bible, (I used it 2 years ago), but I can tell you that in paper is much better, it is a question of soal.

So, yes, serbian and croatian languages are not the same, but very similar, and unfortunatly our two people are not in love; you've heard about the wars in the 90's.

Ok, so I wish you a good reading,

Nek je Gospod s tobom!


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Mikhaylo Sheludko ::

Leggy ::I have Bible in Croatian, it is not the same, because different people translated it.
Can it help?

The language is not the same?

It is very interesting! The more translations you read, the deeper knowledge you'll have. So, tell me please, which way can I acquire this translation?

Well, I have it in HTML form somewhere on a DVD, I'll upload it somewhere and send you a link.

Language is the same, we can understand it, but translators were not.

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