Trebam prevod sa engleskog

Trebam prevod sa engleskog

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Poz svima imam ovaj text na engleskom i treba mi njegov prevod a ja bas nisam dobar sa engleskim pa ako moze neko da mi prevede ili da mi da neki program za prevod bio bih zahvalan... Smile Uglavnom je rijec o nekom seminarskom radu koji trebam da uradim a ovdje su mi date instrukcije u kojem fajlu treba da bude seminarski rad i podesavanje margina itd....... Pa eto ako neko zna dobro engleski ili neki program da mi da za prevod... Smile

The Abstract paragraph should be indented ½ inch (3 picas) on both left and right-hand margins. Use 10 point type, with a vertical spacing of 11 points. Abstract must be centered, bold and in point size 12. Two line spaces precede the Abstract. The Abstract must be limited to one paragraph.
1 Submission of papers to NIPS*2007
NIPS requires electronic submissions. Please read carefully the instructions below, and follow them faithfully.
The margins in 2007 are the same as in 2006, which allow for 15% more words in the paper compared to earlier years. We are also using again double-blind reviewing. Both of these require the use of new style files.
1.1 Style
Papers to be submitted to NIPS*2007 must be prepared according to the instructions presented here. Papers may be only up to 8 pages long, including figures and references. This is a strict upper bound. Papers that exceed 8 pages will not be reviewed, or in any other way considered for presentation at the conference.
Authors are required to use the NIPS LaTeX or RTF (MS Word) style files obtainable at the NIPS website as indicated below. Please make sure you use the current ones and not previous versions. Tweaking the style files may be grounds for rejection.
1.2 Electronic submission
The electronic submission site is at
Note that your submission is only valid if you get an e-mail confirmaion from the server. If you do not get such an email, please try uploading again.
1.3 Retrieval of style files
The style files for NIPS and other conference information are available on the World Wide Web at
The author instructions for NIPS 2007 can also be found at
The file (or nips2007.pdf) contains these instructions and illustrates the various formatting requirements that your NIPS paper must satisfy. LaTeX users can choose between two style files: nips07submit_09.sty (to be used with LaTeX version 2.09) and nips07submit.sty (to be used with LaTeX2e). The file nips2007.tex may be used as a “shell” for writing your paper. All you have to do is replace the title, abstract and text of the paper with your own. The file nips2007.rtf is provided as a shell for MS Word users.
The formatting instructions contained in these style files are summarized in sections 2, 3, and 4, below.
2 General formatting instructions
The text must be confined within a rectangle 5.5 inches (33 picas) wide and 9 inches (54 picas) long. The left margin is 1.5 inches (9 picas). Use 10 point type with a vertical spacing of 11 points. Times New Roman is the preferred typeface throughout. Paragraphs are separated by ½ line space, with no indentation.
Paper title is 17 point, initial caps/lower case, bold, centered between 2 horizontal rules. Top rule is 4 points thick and bottom rule is 1 point thick. Allow ¼ inch space above and below title to rules. All pages should start 1 inch (6 picas) from the top of the page.
The version of the paper submitted for review should have “Anonymous Author(s)” as the author of the paper. For the pre-proceeding and camera-ready versions, authors’ names are set in boldface, and each name is centered above the corresponding address. The lead author’s name is to be listed first (left-most), and the co-authors’ names (if different address) are set to follow. If only one co-author, list both author and co-author side by side.
Please pay special attention to the instructions in section 4 regarding figures, tables, acknowledgements, and references.
3 Headings: first level
First level heading are lower case (except for first word and proper nouns), flush left, bold and in point size 12. One line space before the first level heading and ½ line space after the first level heading.
3.1 Headings: second level
Second level headings are lower case (except for first word and proper nouns), flush left, bold and in point size 10. One line space before the second level heading and ½ line space after the second level heading.
3.1.1 Headings: third level
Third level headings are lower case (except for first word and proper nouns), flush left, bold and in point size 10. One line space before the third level heading and ½ line space after the third level heading.
4 Citations, figures, tables, references
These instructions apply to everyone, regardless of the formatter being used.
4.1 Citations within the text
Citations within the text should be numbered consecutively. The corresponding number is to appear enclosed in square brackets, such as [1] or [2]-[5]. The corresponding references are to be listed in the same order at the end of the paper, in the References section. (Note: the standard BibTeX style unsrt produces this.) As to the format of the references themselves, any standard reference style is acceptable, as long as it is used consistently.
4.2 Footnotes
Indicate footnotes with a number in the text. Place the footnotes at the bottom of the page on which they appear. Precede the footnote with a horizontal rule of 2 inches (12 picas).
4.3 Figures
All artwork must be neat, clean, and legible. Lines should be dark enough for purposes of reproduction; artwork should not be hand drawn. Figure number and caption always appear after the figure. Place one line space before the figure caption, and one line space after the figure. The figure caption is lower case (except for first word and proper nouns); figures are numbered consecutively.
Make sure that the figure caption does not get separated from the figure. Leave sufficient space to avoid splitting the figure and figure caption.
You may use color figures. However, please note that the archival version of the final proceedings are printed in greyscale. It is best for the figure captions and the paper body to make sense if the paper is printed either in black/white or in color.

Figure 1: Sample Figure Caption
4.4 Tables
All tables must be centered, neat, clean and legible. Do not use hand drawn tables. Table number and title always appear before the table. See Table 1.
Place one line space before the table title, one line space after the table title, and one line space after the table. The table title must be lower case (except for first word and proper nouns); tables are numbered consecutively.

Table 1: Sample Table Title
Dendrite Input terminal
Axon Output terminal
Soma Cell Body (contains cell nucleus)

5 Final instructions
Do not change any aspects of the formatting parameters in the style files. In particular: do not modify the width or length of the rectangle that the text should fit into, and do not change font sizes (except perhaps in the References section; see below). Please note that pages should be numbered.
For submission purposes, and to save on trees, papers can be printed double-sided. Please staple together each copy of your paper, separately from the other copies.
6 Preparing PostScript or PDF files
Please prepare PostScript or PDF files with paper size “US Letter,” and not, for example, “A4.” The -t letter option on dvips will produce US Letter files.
Fonts were the main cause of problems in the past years. Your PDF file must only contain Type 1 or Embedded TrueType fonts. Here are a few instructions to achieve this.
• You can check which fonts a PDF files uses. In Acrobat Reader, select menu Files>Document Properties>Fonts and select Show All Fonts. You can also use the program pdffonts which comes with xpdf and is available out-of-the-box on most Linux machines.
• The IEEE has recommendations for generating PDF files whose fonts are also acceptable for NIPS. Please see
• LaTeX users:
o For MiKTeX users, please consider directly generating PDF files using pdflatex. PDF figures must be substituted for EPS figures, however.
o Otherwise, please generate your PostScript and PDF files with the following commands:
dvips mypaper.dvi -t letter -Ppdf -G0 -o
ps2pdf mypaper.pdf
o Check that the PDF files only contains Type 1 fonts. For the camera-ready version, send us both the Postscript file and the PDF file.
o xfig “patterned” shapes are implemented with bitmap fonts. Use “solid” shapes instead.
o The \bbold package almost always uses bitmap fonts. You can try the equivalent AMS Fonts with command
o or use the following workaround for reals, natural and complex:
\newcommand{\RR}{I\!\!R} %real numbers
\newcommand{\Nat}{I\!\!N} %natural numbers
\newcommand{\CC}{I\!\!\!\!C} %complex numbers
o Sometimes the problematic fonts are used in figures included in LaTeX files. The ghostscript program eps2eps is the simplest way to clean such figures. For black and white figures, slightly better results can be achieved with program potrace.
• MSWord and Windows users:
o Install the AdobePS printer driver and Adobe Distiller PPD file from, to create a new printer on your computer. Note: You must reboot your PC after installing the AdobePS driver for it to take effect.
o To produce the ps file, select “Print” from the MS app, choose the installed AdobePS printer, click on “Properties”, click on “Advanced.”
o Set “TrueType Font” to be “Download as Softfont”
o Open the “PostScript Options” folder
o Select “PostScript Output Option” to be “Optimize for Portability”
o Select “TrueType Font Download Option” to be “Outline”
o Select “Send PostScript Error Handler” to be “No”
o Click “OK” three times, print your file.
• Now, use Adobe Acrobat Distiller or ps2pdf to create a PDF file from the PS file. In Acrobat, check the option “Embed all fonts” if applicable.
If your file contains Type 3 fonts or non embedded TrueType fonts, we will ask you to fix it.
6.1 Margins in LaTeX
Most of the margin problems come from figures positioned by hand using \special or other commands. We suggest using the command \includegraphics from the graphicx package. Always specify the figure width as a multiple of the line width as in the example below
\usepackage[dvips]{graphicx} ...
See section 4.4 in the graphics bundle documentation (
A number of width problems arise when LaTeX cannot properly hyphenate a line. Please give LaTeX hyphenation hints using the \- command.
Use unnumbered third level headings for the acknowledgments. All acknowledgements go at the end of the paper.
References follow the acknowledgments. Use unnumbered third level heading for the references. Any choice of citation style is acceptable as long as you are consistent. It is permissible to reduce the font size to ‘small’ (9-point) when listing the references.

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Iskreno, teško da će se neko prihvatiti da prevede ovako nešto sa engleskog na srpski (možda bi bilo za dlaku lakše da se prevede sa srpskog na engleski!)

To bi zahtevalo puno vremena za ljudskog prevodioca - prilično je obiman tekst i dosta stručan - a mašinski prevod bi ovo unakazio. Ne znam šta da vam predložim, možda da se malo pomučite pa da ovladate ovim nekim terminima iz engleskog.

Pošto se ovde radi o „kućnom stilu” za taj NIPS 2007, možda možete pogledati druge radove (odavde: koji su već rađeni po njemu i „skinuti” stil vizuelno?

  • 100%Milanista
  • Information Technology
  • Pridružio: 23 Avg 2008
  • Poruke: 2630
  • Gde živiš: Milan, Italy

oke tnx.. Smile

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