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• Add meaning to the verb and modify sentences,
• Differ in function, position and morphological form.

Form of adverbs:
Simple: just, only, today, happily, etc.
Compound: somewhere, therefore, anyhow, etc.
Derivational: quickly, easily, etc.
Simple and derived: hard/hardly, short/shortly, etc.

Adverbial: (1) adjunct, (2) disjunct and (3) conjuct.
Modifier: (1) of adjective (extremely
(2) of adverb (very slowly)
(3) of NP (such a fool)
(4) of PP (straight through the
(5) of determiner (over ten people)
Inflected forms: soon-sooner-soonest,
Periphrastic forms: carefully - more carefully - most carefully,
Irregular forms: well, badly, far, etc.

Adjuncts MPT
Manner: He runs quickly.
He doesn’t really mean that.
He is rightly accused.
Place: He lives in London.
He lives in a flat on the third floor.
Up goes the road.
Adjuncts MPT
Time: He goes to work every day.
He always comes to visit me.
He comes home at 3 pm every day.
Sometimes they call me.
Never have I seen that before.
Adjuncts MPT
I entirely / hardly / kind of / almost totally agree with you.
I humbly / unwillingly apologized.
Adjuncts MPT
Change of meaning:

*He didn’t *arrive on time. (once)
I *don’t *understand. (really)
I *don’t *like oysters. (particularly)
Disjuncts: beginning
Frankly / Honestly speaking, I don’t believe a word he says.
Conjuncts: beginning
To sum up / Therefore / What is more, he resigned.

• Verbs related to senses take adjectival forms of adverbs:
feel / sound / seem / taste / look awful

Adverbs with dual form:

Clean - completely (clean forgot); cleanly - precisely, without making a mess (cut cleanly),
Clearly - obviously (clearly need); clear - not touch (clear of the door),
Close - near (come close); closely - carefully (inspect closely),
Direct - straight (go direct); directly - openly (tell something directly),
Free - without payment (eat free); freely - without restriction (speak freely),
Adverbs with dual form
Hard - a lot (work hard); hardly - almost not (hardly do anything),
High - up in the sky (fly in the sky); highly - very much (think highly),
Just - a moment ago; justly - in accordance with law (justly accused),
Late - not early; lately - recently,
Loud - inf., loudly - form.
Adverbs with dual form
Right - just, exactly (right after); rightly - correctly (rightly assumed BUT assumed rightly / right),
Short - suddenly (stop short); shortly - soon (come shortly),
Tight - inf., tightly - form (hold tight / tightly),
Wide - not narrow; widely - in many different places (travel widely),
Wrong - inf., wrongly - form.

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