Idiomi; nastanak i znacenje


Idiomi; nastanak i znacenje

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Тражио сам превод, али by heart ми делује као да је рецимо за знати стихове песме напамет.
Чини ми се да сам наилазио и на неку фразу "I cannot take it out of my head now".

Знате ли добар превод за ово?

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Pozdrav Smile

Ja bih rekao: I don't know it from memory

Idiom: know something from memory
--> to have memorized something so that one does not have to consult a written version.

Takođe sam čuo i varijantu: know something by memory


Ostali idiomi vezani za pamćenje/(pri)sećanje:

know/learn something (off) by heart - naučiti napamet
--> if you know or learn something, especially a piece of writing, by heart, you know or learn it so that you can remember it perfectly He's my favourite poet. I know several of his poems by heart.

on the tip of my tongue - na vrhu mi je jezika
--> I can almost remember it but not quite
I know I should know the answer to this. The answer's on the tip of my tongue. I just can't seem to remember it.

lost my train of thought
--> I forgot what I had been thinking about or talking about
I was in the middle of answering a question in a job interview when I completely lost my train of thought. It was so embarrassing, I had to ask one of the interviewers to remind me what I had been saying!

something escapes me
I can't remember something
I recognised her face but her name escapes me.

it slipped my mind
I forgot it
I was meant to meet her for a drink but it completely slipped my mind. I hope she'll still be speaking to me on Monday when I see her in the office.

rack my brains
think very hard about something in an effort to remember it
I racked my brains but I just couldn't remember where I knew her from.

have a memory like a sieve
often forget things easily
Have you got a memory like a sieve? How many times do I have to remind you about your own mother's birthday?

go in one ear and out the other
when you forget something very quickly
There's no point telling her anything when she's watching TV. It'll go in one ear and out the other.

it rings a bell
it's familiar, you think you perhaps know it, but you aren't sure
Tony McDonald. Yes, I think I know him. The name certainly rings a bell but I can't quite place him. Maybe I went to school with him.

have a memory like an elephant
able to remember a lot of things easily for a long period of time
He forgot their wedding anniversary only once in 15 years. But she's got a memory like an elephant and she's never forgiven him or forgotten about it.

bear in mind
If a person asks you to bear something in mind, they are asking you to remember it because it is important.
You must bear in mind that the cost of living is higher in New York.

have down pat
If you memorize or practise something until you know it perfectly or have it exactly right, you have it down pat.
I rehearsed my presentation until I had it down pat.

have on the brain
If you have something on the brain, you think or talk abut it all constantly.
Stop talking about golf. You've got golf on the brain!

jog someone's memory
When you help someone to remember something they have forgotten, you jog their memory.
You don't remember who was with us that day? Here's a photograph to jog your memory.

if memory serves well
If your memory serves you well, you remember correctly or you have not forgotten any details.
You're Stella's daughter, if my memory serves me well.

trip down memory lane
If you take a trip (stroll or walk) down memory lane, you remember pleasant things that happened in the past.
Every Christmas is a trip down memory for the family when our parents take out the photograph albums.

in your mind's eye
If you can visualise something, or see an image of it in your mind, you see it in your mind's eye.
I can see the village in my mind's eye but I can't remember the name.

rake over the ashes
When people rake over the ashes, they discuss an unpleasant event which took place in the past.
My grandfather's business went bankrupt years go, but he still rakes over the ashes from time to time.

refresh someone's memory
If you refresh someone's memory, you remind them of facts they seem to have forgotten.
Let me refresh your memory - you've already missed three classes this term.

senior moment
A momentary lapse of memory, especially in older people, or an absent-minded action such as putting the cereals in the refrigerator, is humorously referred to as having a senior moment.
I found the phone in the cupboard. I must have had a senior moment!


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Napisano: 24 Dec 2013 2:16

Benefit of the doubt

Give the benefit of the doubt.

Explanation/Meaning: Arrow
When giving someone the benefit of the doubt, you are believing what they say and taking their word because you, yourself, have some doubt about what happened.

Ili jos prostije receno:
To believe something good about someone, rather than something bad, when you have the possibility of doing either.

Primer: Arrow
After hearing his explanation, I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Dopuna: 08 Jan 2014 14:59

and then some

A slang expression used to humorously imply that the preceding statement was an understatement. If speaking, the word "then" is usually stressed.

and even more; and more than has been mentioned.

Primer 1:
John is going to have to run like a deer and then some to win this race. The cook put the amount of salt called for into the soup and then some.

Primer 2:
It looked like 20,000 people and then some at the demonstration. 'Did Joe give you a hard time?' 'Yeah, and then some!'

Primer 3:
It looked like 20,000 people and then some were crowded into the stadium. Investors in the business got their money back and then some.

lasting for all of eternity
To further express the magnitude of....

That party rocked, Times ten and then some

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Arrow to do something off your own bat - u smislu "na svoju ruku".

I didn't ask her to buy them a present - she did it off her own bat.

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tražim pomoc, ako netko moze objasniti pojam sleep patterns. Hvala!!!!!

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Nije u pitanju idiom. To bi značilo obrasci spavanja, kroz proces spavanja (REM faza i sl.)

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Hvala na brzom odgovoru!

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Sta te god zanimaj,pitaj Smile

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bells and whistles - non-essential features, visual or functional, that are an enhancement to an object.

Arrow Bazične, rudimentarne karakteristike ili osobine.


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Пре неки дан сазнам за
bee's knees
1. (functioning as singular) an excellent or ideally suitable person or thing


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